Sand Rider Balloon Wheel®

Sand Rider Polyurethane Beach Wheels are the perfect choice for your beach adventures. Made entirely in the USA, these wheels are comparable to the Wheeleez model WZ1-49UC,19.3” or 49 CM polyurethane wheels and can be used as a one-for-one replacement.

Axle Sizes: Available in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch, ensuring compatibility with a range of beach equipment

Bearing Design: Wheeleez uses traditional bearings, while Sand Rider employs a unique combination cap and bushing design made of low friction marine plastic. This design ensures that you never have to deal with seized bearings again, providing a smoother and hassle-free beach experience. In fact, Wheeleez sells a Polyethylene bushing that slides through the hub assembly as an upgrade to their bearing design for $75/pair. Wheeleez touts this as a long lasting, low friction part that is particularly helpful in heavy payload situations and extended mileage applications. Also, as a higher speed / low maintenance bushing option to replace the stock WZ1-BRUC bearing cassettes. So right out of the gate you get an upgrade. Made in USA and cheaper.


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